Marina Cortês

We are the Daredevils

Tools for students:

A guide to applying for PhD positions in Astronomy and Astrophysics, by Z. Pleunis et al, can be consulted here.

Seminar at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

This is a good tool for students because I explain why you should hold tight to your childish questions when you go through the academic system. They are the ones that will grant you identity, plus secure your contribution to the intellectual realm, when you mature into a thinker. I recently wrote a blog post on this, that you can find here.

Title: “Why is time always moving forwards and never backwards?
Why is the future different from the past? The most poignant property about the world around us is that time is always moving forward, yet, as odd as it may seem, our current theories of physics cannot account for this property. In all of fundamental physics, the future and the past are entirely similar. We select time increasing solutions by hand and call on extremely unlikely initial conditions at the big bang to justify this choice. I will address this question and describe attempts to restore the irreversibility of time as the building block of our understanding of nature.

This talk was delivered at ISSYP 2019, Perimeter’s high school summer program.

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