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Technology – Who is the Master and who is the Slave?

The fly-by’ers in our pixelated-field-of-view…

I was just returning an email from a friend, writing how delighted I was to finally have found this message that I recalled “flying by” during one of my days in the last few weeks. 

I wonder if this happens to other people. During the day things “fly-by” in the field of pixels in my computer screen. 

Meaning something appears in one corner for a few seconds and then disappears. 90% of the time I:

  1. 1. have no idea what it said.
  2. 2. If I had time to read it, then I don’t know how to retrieve it or what application it was.
  3. 3. If I am so determined as to:
    1. 3.1 leave what I was doing, 
    2. 3.2 able to keep intense focus for typically half hour, in order to actually search all possible sources (apps) of this mysterious item, that flew by before I could blink, I am usually exhausted for focus time by the end of this effort.

So I find myself during the day, walking to the car and thinking I remember seeing a message on this and this topic. 

  • * I wonder who it was from? 
  • * Did I really see this message, or did I imagine this? 
  • * If it really was a message to me, I would love to reply, but how can I find it?

When I am back at the computer, the amount of focus required to keep chasing these hypotheses, while resisting to new fly-by’ers in the screen, generally proves too much for my concentration powers… 

I know that I am a physicist (which speaks lots as to why I have such challenges) but is it possible that everyone else finds it super easy to tame their screens?

Who is the master and who is the slave…–slave_(technology)

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