Marina Cortês

Ticks of time: on Cosmology, Everest, and Ballet

On authority

I feel I spend the majority of my time trying to convince others that I am an idiot, and yet the message does not go through. I am still asked to comment on this and that, under the assumption that I possess some kind of authority.

I wonder if I should change my strategy to claiming I am an incredible genius.  

I have been thinking about this quire a bit during the last few weeks, and my last idea was to add a default email signature


CEI (Chief Executive Idiot)

This evening I came across this picture of Andrew and I, and thought this photo might achieve the goal more effectively. 

It was actually taken on Everest in May 2022 a couple of weeks after the press release of biocosmology on Base Camp–getting wifi for that zoom broadcast was really amusing BTW…

Ha… What is the point of having a reputation if you cannot drag it through the mud, I say.

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