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Ticks of time: on Cosmology, Everest, and Ballet

Euclid Galaxy Dance

The Euclid satellite (European Space Agency – ESA + NASA) will launch soon in July. During the time that we are not busy with LLM’ing or any derivatives, Mark Neyrinck, Andrew Liddle and I have been keeping busy creating some other kinds of chaos: “Simulating the cosmos at the Beach” for the Euclid satellite. See below for a link to the footage.

As you know the Euclid satellite will uncover the properties of Dark Energy, blah blah. 

On occasion of Euclid’s launch ESA asked for arts+science projects that depict the cosmic pie components:

— 70% dark energy (thank you Saul P. for discovering this + winning the Nobel prize!)

— 25% dark matter

— 5% just us chickens (excuse me, I mean baryons, stars, galaxies and all kinds of other stuff.) 

ESA had asked for some boring stuff with this ratio: 

— knit a sweater with this ratio or 

— bake a cake with ingredients in this ratio. 

We ain’t knitting no sweaters! 

So we created this mess at the beach which is like a cosmological simulation with some Holi colors flying around 😀 I hope you can see the video here on youtube, or here on twitter. #CosmicMystery

Hope you enjoy!

PS If you have any questions about:

(1.1)  the satellite or

(1.2) dark matter/dark energy, and 

(1.3) about what does it all mean PLUS and what are we doing here really with our lives! 

(2) No action required If you enjoy the video you can share it or hashtag or whatever is the name for these things. 

All questions can be addressed to Andrew Liddle and Mark Neyrinck. 

Competition rules are here.

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